feverfew NOUN an aromatic plant with feathery leaves and daisy-like flowers, used as a herbal remedy for headaches.
ORIGIN Latin febrifuga, from febris 'fever' + fugare 'drive away' .

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  • Feverfew — Fe ver*few (f[=e] v[ e]r*f[=u]), n. [AS. feferfuge, fr. L. febrifugia. See {fever}, {Fugitive}, and cf. {Febrifuge}.] (Bot.) A perennial plant ({Pyrethrum Parthenium}, or {Chrysanthemum Parthenium}) allied to camomile, having finely divided… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • feverfew — O.E. feferfuge, from L.L. febrifugia, from L. febris fever (see FEVER (Cf. fever)) + fugare put to flight; so called for its medical usage. The modern English word probably is from an Anglo French source …   Etymology dictionary

  • feverfew — [fē′vər fyo͞o΄] n. [ME fevyrfue < OE feverfuge & Anglo Fr * fewerfue, both < LL febrifugia < L febris, FEVER + fugia < fugare, to drive away; akin to fugere, to flee: see FUGITIVE] a bushy plant (Chrysanthemum parthenium) of the… …   English World dictionary

  • Feverfew — This article is about the Eurasian Asteraceae species. For the North American Asteraceae genus, see Parthenium. For the band, see The Feverfew. Feverfew Scientific classification Kingdom …   Wikipedia

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  • feverfew — noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English feferfuge, from Late Latin febrifugia centaury more at febrifuge Date: 15th century a perennial European composite herb (Chrysanthemum parthenium) widely cultivated as an ornamental …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • feverfew — /fee veuhr fyooh /, n. a bushy composite plant, Chrysanthemum parthenium, bearing small white flowers, formerly used as a remedy for fever and headache. [1400 50; late ME < AF *feverfue (r. early ME fever fugie, OE feferfuge) < LL febrifugia. See …   Universalium

  • feverfew — noun A European aromatic perennial herb, Tanacetum parthenium (or Chrysanthemum parthenium or Pyrethrum parthenium), having daisy like flowers; valued as a traditional medicine especially for headaches …   Wiktionary

  • feverfew — fe·ver·few (feґvər fu″) [A.S. feferfuge, febrifuge, from L. febrifugia][NF] the dried leaves of Tanacetum parthenium, used for migraine, arthritis, rheumatic diseases, and allergy; it has a wide variety of uses in folk medicine …   Medical dictionary

  • feverfew — n. type of perennial flowering plant that can be used medicinally to reduce fever …   English contemporary dictionary

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